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10 DIY Tips That Will Add Value To Your Home

Believe it or not, it’s the little things that buyers usually notice when looking to possibly purchase your home. It’s usually a given that the major things will be in good order because that’s what attracted them in the first place. When the appraiser or buyer comes to view the home, though, they’ll be looking to how well your [city property delivers on the details.

1. Clean Up and Improve Your Driveway

Clean off those oil stains and, if needed, look into repaving your driveway. This is one of the most important areas of the home’s exterior and it gives buyers an immediate indication of what they can expect from the property as a whole. The driveway should be pleasant to the eye and free from stains and cracks. If you have a single-car driveway and the property space is there, look into expanding it as well to suit a multi-car family.

2. Upgrade Your Entrance

The next piece of the value-driven home puzzle is to make sure that your entrance is as inviting as possible. This doesn’t require going over-the-top with accessories. This can be as simple as installing a more attractive front door and knob or even repainting the current one. Be sure that the sidewalk leading to the door and the porch (if applicable) are updated and well-kept. No one wants to step over cracked pavement to be greeted by an old, unattractive door.

3. Beautify Your Landscaping

Time for the exterior approach trifecta. The driveway looks great and the entrance is inviting, but, how do your lawn and garden look? Always be sure to keep your grass cut to an attractive height and seed any blank spaces to fill out the lawn. Bushes should be well-shaped and if you have a garden, it should be filled with pleasant flower types. Don’t be afraid to enlist the assistance of a professional landscaper even if it’s only for tips.

4. Redo Your Flooring

Once you step into your home you’ll notice that the floors are one of the first things that catch your eye. Make sure yours are up-to-date and presentable. There are a lot of DIY options that you’ll find when it comes to flooring. This is an investment that will pay off greatly as a lot of brokers report new floors costing around $600 could yield upwards of a $2000 boost in home value. Whether you choose new carpeting or glossy hardwood be sure it fits the decor.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Windows

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the windows of your home serve a very similar purpose. More than just fancy holes in walls, your windows should always be upgraded whenever possible. This isn’t simply for aesthetic reasons, but, the right windows can also save hundreds in energy costs. These are the talking points that help intrigue a buyer and push the value of your home higher.

6. Make Space in Your Home

Unless you plan on expanding the home, the space you have is the space you have. As any good decorator will tell you, it’s about what you do with what you have that counts. Make your house appear more spacious by eliminating or re-organizing clutter. Rearrange furniture to give the sense of additional square footage and try to avoid dark wall colors which can give the illusion of a small space. Be sure to let the sun shine in as well. Adding windows to a room will visually open it up quite a bit.

7. Spruce Up Your Kitchen

An outdated kitchen can be a deal breaker (there’s another that we’ll speak on shortly). Kitchens are the heart of the home and should be updated/upgraded whenever possible. This doesn’t have to involve swapping out appliances (consider this if severely needed, though). Some more basic improvements could include cabinetry and flooring or sink and faucet upgrades. Revising the kitchen alone will add thousands to the home value.

8. Add Accents to Give it Personality

Details matter more than you know. Take a look at each room of the home and ask yourself what can be improved. Adding something as simple as crown molding to a room can make it more appealing. Consider repainting neutral colors that accentuate space as well. Ceiling fans can also add value and will even help with the energy savings of the home as the central air conditioning has to work less to cool the property. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

9. Remodel The Bathrooms

Aside from kitchens, bathrooms are the other major deal breaker when it comes to what buyers need to be impressed with. The bathrooms in the home will need to have nice flooring and the fixtures and plumbing free of leaks and corrosion. Showers and bathtubs should not be out of date and consider redoing the cabinetry (if applicable) and possibly even swapping out the commode for one that can help save water.

10. Make All Needed Repairs

It’s time to put away the procrastination. All of the little home repairs (and whatever major ones) that have been lingering for a while now need to be resolved. You can’t expect a buyer to make an offer on a home that has holes in the roof and walls or one with broken gutters. Make a list of everything that needs repair or upgrading and slowly attack that list over time. When you’re done, it’s time to show off your property!

Your Home Deserves To Win the Beauty Contest

It’s always best to remember that a home’s value can be driven up by making improvements, but, can also be brought down by not doing the small things. Whenever possible, do a walk around on both the exterior and interior of your home and look at it through the eyes of buyers. At Jessica Barnett-Bluewater Realty Services, I have a lot of experience in assisting my clients with ideas on how to improve their homes to attract buyers. Contact me for a free home evaluation.

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