Price Your Home Like an Expert. Here’s How!

When trying to sell your home on the local housing market, pricing your home right is probably the most critical and yet most difficult part of the process.

After all, price your home too low and you lose out on your hard earned investment. But price your home too high and you turn off potential home buyers before they even have a chance to fall in love with your property.

Luckily for you, we have some valuable tips that will help you find the happy medium between these extremes.

And the happy medium is this: Setting the right list price that attracts the right home buyers and gets your home sold as quickly as possible. Continue reading to learn more!

What To Consider When Pricing Your Home

Here are our top four home pricing strategies for home sellers:

Make your home desirable to the masses. This means setting your property’s list price on the lower end of the value range so that you stimulate interest among multiple buyers. This will make your home even more desirable to each individual buyer, which will increase the likelihood you’ll get an offer quickly.

Price your home with real estate searches in mind. For instance, most buyers are going to go to their real estate agents and say that they want to see all homes that are under $200,000 or some other round figure. Real estate agents will then set them up on an automated buyer search that only searches properties less than $200,0000. This means that a home priced at $205,000 might miss out on all of these potential buyers because they’re just out of the price range. Thus, when pricing a home, think of the most likely real estate searches buyers are likely to be using. In this instance, it might be smarter to price your home at $199,999 to catch those other buyers – so long as that price falls within your acceptable range as a seller.

Develop a pricing contingency plan before you put your home on the market. This is a discussion that you should have with your real estate agent in which you discuss some alternative plans if your property doesn’t go for the desired price. By having a Plan B in place, it saves time and also helps you as the seller establish some appropriate expectations.

Remember that pricing is an ongoing discussion. In other words, this is not necessarily something you’re going to do one time and then never have to think about again. It’s important to be flexible because the market has a lot of moving parts. When in doubt, confer with your real estate agent to see whether a pricing adjustment needs to be made.

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