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8 Ways to Great Holiday Decorating

1. Choose One and Stick With It

The first thing to do would be to decide on what theme or style you like the most and go from there. Be sure to stick with that throughout the process. As you shop for decor this will make it easier and, in the end, it'll appear as if it was done by a paid professional. Choose one to three colors and try not to veer from that.

2. Follow Your Nose

Nothing screams "holidays" like the appropriate aroma. Treat your nose and others to some good old fashioned holiday scents using potpourri, candles, air fresheners, or diffusers. Set them out near the entrance and in all the places people tend to be like the kitchen and bathrooms. Baking fresh cookies before company arrives can be very welcoming to the senses as well.

3. Create an Heirloom

Because it's the holidays, what better way to celebrate than to begin or continue a family tradition. Try thinking outside the box on this one. Get everyone together to decorate a wreath that can be added onto annually or look into other types of decoration that could you can bring out every Fall to really add heart to your home.

4. Change Can Be Good

Your furniture arrangement has served you well for three seasons, but, it's time to consider shaking things up a bit. Look around and determine how you can declutter to create more space or simply rearrange some furniture for the sake of creating a new energy in the room. It's simple, it's effective, and it's free.

5. Color Can Be Costly

Colored lighting on the exterior of your home may be your speed; however, ask yourself if it fits annually no matter what theme you choose at that time. The answer is most likely no. Here's a great chance to have a great looking home and save money at the same time. Consider going with all white hanging lights. They go with any decor and you'll never have to change colors again.

6. Go Medieval

Lights are awesome, but, if you really want to set the holiday mood look into lighting some candles throughout the home. This gives the home a warm and welcoming energy and if they're scented candles, all the better. You'll also save money on your electric bill and that's just terrific.

7. Complete the Package

Make it a complete event. Don't simply decorate the outside of the home and ignore the interior. Once inside, don't simply adorn the living room and shun the remainder of the home. Make each room come to life with the spirit of the holidays. From bedrooms, to bathrooms, to the kitchen, to the living room; give it all a go.

8. Go Big

Speaking of a complete package, when decorating for the holidays have fun and do it big!! This is a chance for you and your loved ones to really come together and go all out with home decorations. The more you can integrate into your theme, the better. So Ògo to townÓ with it!

Home for the Holidays

This is a terrific time of the year as we all look forward to great food and terrific times with our loved ones. At Jessica Barnett, we have a lot of experience in assisting our clients with ideas on how to improve their homes. Our experience is all yours to plunder. Contact us for all of your real estate needs. We're here for you.

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